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Content for Websites

20 Apr 2022Category : Content

Content for Websites

You have a beautifully designed website filled with content to your satisfaction. But, did you ever think if people actually read that?

The quality of content on your website showcases your area of expertise and is one of the key factors for getting more clients and of course it directly impacts the line of business you are in. Let’s understand the basics here, there is a purpose to the visitor landing on your website, the sole purpose of them being on your website is to know more about your business and what you do different from others out there in the market in similar lines of business. This is when your website plays a crucial role in being the differentiator because the visitor differentiates you based on what is written on the website in comparison to the other websites they may have visited or will visit.  With this being the case, poor quality content is a turn-off to every visitor and even worse when there is no relevant content. So, it is important that you look at your website as your primary marketing element that you can put to best use to gain traction and confidence.

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a common saying but how many of us really follow it? Well, most of us don’t. Most of us buy a book because the cover page looks interesting and books with boring cover pages seldom sell. With this being the scenario, your organization’s landing page is no different from the cover page. It is that home page that sparks the interest in the website visitors to explore further. It is the home page that becomes your entry point to the sales funnel and you do not want to get it wrong. Therefore, building a perfect home page is as important to any business as the business itself. It can be a daunting task to get it right and it is for that reason many firms outsource the task of building quality homepages to the experts who understand the pulse of the audience.

Creating a perfect homepage is not a one-time task like many businesses think. We’ve during our evaluation seen home pages remain static for as much as ten to fifteen years. These pages are obsolete. One must understand that it is not the same audience that visit your website as they were decades ago. It is a different generation and unless your home page strikes interest in the present generation of visitors, your scope of converting them to prospective customers is that much lesser.

So, how do we create a perfect home page? Well, the answer is not that easy. It is a combination of quality content, powerful visuals, the aesthetics, keywords and catch phrases, combined with a perfect structuring and color themes that contribute to creating a perfect home page. The home page has to represent your brand and it is essential that the viewer relates to your brand when they visit your website. We will be elaborating on each of these through our articles in the future.

So, stay tuned and in the meantime, do get in touch with us if you wish to have your home page redone through the experts. We’ve been part of thousands of success stories over the years and the only way we’ve been able to achieve that is by creating masterpieces each time.

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