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You can't have an awesome content writing agency without awesome content writers.

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// Work with the best
Work with the best

Our Writers

Our recruiting team is on the constant lookout for the best across the world and recruit them into our talent pool.

The evolution of our brand across the years attracts attention from lots of awesome writers (but it attracts lots of not so awesome writers too). So, our stringent evaluation process ensures that you always get to work with the best. We look for great grammar, superb spelling, perfect portfolios, extensive experience, and a general mastery of wordsmithery that we're willing to put our name to.

When we say that they are the best, we mean it. Try and see for yourself and you can be assured, if you are not working with us, you are not working with the best.

Work with the best

Sushana Adurthi

She is someone who does not follow directions and does not think twice to break rules.
She embraces her failures not as a stepping stone towards success, but as a significant part of success!
A woman with passion, highest levels of optimism and patience that can touch the sky.
An ICF Coach, NLP Practitioner, an Author and a Public Speaker!

Writers Exchange is a consortium of the best writers in the space of content development and strategy, headed by the Queen of Content, (as we would proudly want to introduce her as), Sushana Adurthi, who strongly believes, content is an asset. To her, content is a form of art. A culture with the finest of practices that aid in the evolution of brands and individuals. Content to her is an attitude that brings forth a motif to the idea being formulated for her clients.

Sushana Adurthi, steps forward with close to 25 years of experience. Her career started as a faculty teaching coding in a small institute and from there, she moved on to event management. Somewhere down the line, she realized she was more of a peoples person and moved towards consulting, sales, public speaking, writing and she has never looked back. The one constant element across her career, has been content and communication. Her clients love speaking with her, for one simple reason, she listens before giving a solution. She excels in ideating content strategy - her solutions are pragmatic and scalable.



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